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Information about Space Management Data

Space Management categorizes space based on the Postsecondary Education Facilities Inventory and Classification Manual (FICM): 2006 Edition published by the National Center for Education Statistics. When using this data, please note:

  1. Room use is based on the current primary use of the space and not necessarily the ‘designed architectural use’ of a space. (ex: space designed as a lab, but currently used as an office will be coded as an office).

  2. This database is "live" and constantly changing. For historical data, we take snapshots of the database every fall (beginning Fall 2008). Please contact Jennifer McCarthy at Jennifer.mccarthy@unlv.edu for this information.

  3. Assignable/Nonassignable/Usable/Room area is based on the measurements between interiors of walls.

  4. Gross building square footage is based on the measurement between exterior walls and totaled for all floors.

  5. Station count is only used for classrooms, class labs, and open labs and is based on the number of people the room can accommodate. (ex: A lab may have 12 student stations, but can accommodate 2 students per station for a station count of 24).

  6. Employee Headcount

    1. In Buildings and Rooms is based on the number of employees assigned to spaces. It does not include employees who are part of the department, but do not have a space they work out of. (ex: ushers, grounds crew, custodial staff).

    2. In Divisions and Departments is based on the number of employees that are assigned to the department according to Human Resources.